5 Revelations About Bitcoin And What You Should Do Right Now, Number 5 Is A Must.


1Bitcoin is not regulated.

Cryptocurrency giant, bitcoin, has been on the news for a while now due to its epileptic characteristics. The Cryptocurrency founded in 2008 now has a market valuation of about $70 Billion.

In December 2017, bitcoin was $20,000 per coin. Between January and October 2018 bitcoin has lost about $184 Billion in value. It is now about $4,000 per coin.

A major problem is that bitcoin is not regulated. In other words, it has nothing to do with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

SEC, world over, are afraid to approve Cryptocurrencies under their folds because of how it is “printed”. Cryptocurrencies are 100% controlled in the black market. There’s no “Securities”, there’s no insurance, there’s no back-up plan.