A Peek Into Apple’s Upcoming IOS 12

image credit: Digital Trends

Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi took to the stage at the San Jose Convention Center to reveal the upcoming free update on iOS 12. Now let’s take a look at the significance of iOS 12.

MEMOJIS: the upcoming iOS 12 would enable users to create Animojis of themselves garnished with varieties of hairstyles and glasses styles strictly at Memoji creator’s disposal. With improved AR-Augmented Reality capabilities, you can also use the iPhone camera to super your Memoji’s face onto your own body including face time chats too- too much sauce!

DO NOT DISTURB AT BEDTIME: this feature would ensure that notifications don’t appear at night. Aside from that, you can also use the ‘instant Tuning’ notifications to send alerts in future straight to the notification centre or turn them off entirely.

NEW SCREEN TIME FEATURE: this feature keeps track of how much time you are spending on your iPhone and iPad. It shows the amount of time you spend on an app, which apps sends you the most notifications and at what time of the day you’re using your phone the most. From your weekly report, you are able to evaluate the time you’ve spent on one app and then know how to adjust it. Parents can also set app limits for their children or set downtime for when they should be putting aside their phone to get ready for bed.

BIG BOOST PHOTO APP: the photos app will now be able to categorize event according to place and time.

FOR YOU FEATURE: this feature will offer suggestions for new edits and people you might want to share pictures with. For instance, if you do share images of an event you enjoyed with another iOS user, the recipient will receive a matching prompt that suggests they share their own pictures with you.

SIRI SHORTCUTS: Siri will also be getting an update. With upcoming iOS 12 update, Apple will introduce shortcuts that let you record a voice command to perform an action for you. For instance, you can set ‘find my keys’ from the Tile app as a command, and when you say that prompt, your keys will ring if you have the necessary tech set up.

Siri can also make suggestions for gyms or restaurants to go nearby on your lock screen.