A Wine Bottle Automatically Waters Your Plants While You’re Away.


    You do not have to hand in your keys to your next door neighbor or hire someone to water your plants when you’re away on a vacation or something. Keep your plants alive on the go with these simple, no cost tips.

    1. Fill up the wine bottle with water
    2. Turn the wine bottle upside down
    3. Insert the mouth of the wine bottle into the soil about 2 inches deep into the damp soil
    4. Lean the bottle against the edge of the pot to keep it upright (optional).

    Normally, you would think all of the water would just pour out of the bottle into the plant and create an indoor swamp. Nay! The water in the bottle won’t just flow into the soil since the soil is already wet from the previous plant watering. So, as the soil gradually dries, it absorbs water from the bottle bit by bit.

    The DIY method of using a wine bottle to water plants typically lasts about one week in larger plants, like potted trees, and two to three weeks in smaller plants, like ivys and begonias.