Amazing Machine That Folds Your Own Laundry at #CES2019


#CES2019 is ongoing at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, with amazing tech advancements and exhibitions that would awe you, and change your entire perspective about the tech ecosystem.

Here’s one tech innovation that caught my fantasy. Well, maybe because I’m an African female who is more enthusiast about domestic chores like laundry, than the male counterpart.

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However, folding of laundry is essentially everyone’s business as long as we all wear clothes. Folding your own laundry can be seldom tedious and requires some level of skills to achieve a neatly folded laundry.

Flip side, a wrongly folded laundry can give you an undeserving and demeaning look, hence the machine that perfectly folds your own laundry.

How it works

Feed the laundry machine with your laundry

And your laundry is neatly and beautifully folded

Turn on your laundry machine
Fix your laundry (dress) onto the strings of the machine
And boom! Your laundry is folded in no time.

However, feeding the machine with your laundry, one after the other is a hail of a task on its own, but for the perfectly and beautifully folded laundry you get at the end of the day, guess it’s worth the stress.

Also you can feed as many laundry as you can into the machine while it folds and arranges them in the FIFO (first in, first out) format ready for you.

Now, you can comfortably fold your laundry in no time, and have perfectly folded laundry with this machine.

Can’t wait to have it, I guess you too😉