An Unbelievable Technology: Growing Meat Without Animals, Lab Made Meat Is Real.


Yes you heard me right! Manufacturing meat in the lab without the instrumentality of animals as parents, without pregnancy, without incubation process, simply manufactured!

Calm down and take a sigh of relief, its not easy to absorb this I know….

I did not say they’ll take an animal’s semen, put in an incubator for some months, and voila, we have a new baby chicken. Capital NO!

This one is manufactured, it has no life as an animal.

Two of the companies in forefront of this are SuperMeat and Memphis Meats.  Supermeat is an Israeli start-up that has just raised $3million.  Memphis Meats just received funding from Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson to the tune of $17million. Memphismeats is based in the U.S.

Memphis  has already successfully made synthesized beef, chicken and duck, according to Memphis Meats co-founder and chief executive Uma Valeti. Now the trick is to get the company to grow their meat at scale.

How It Works:

The meat is made by growing cells of real animals. Nutrients and fats are fed into the cell through some strange biotech processes until it becomes meat, not animal.


It is called ‘clean meat’ because it does not undergo natural biological processes hence has no blood, diseases and hereditary inclinations.


Eating meat without blood, what are the remote consequences to health and life generally?

What are the environmental consequences of large scale manufacturing of such meat without the natural reproduction process, knowing that they are part of the carbon cycle?

What happens to the plants that depends on the faeces and remains of this animals carried by wind, erosion and other environmental factors?

Will our bodies be canned just as it is since we started eating canned foods?

Think of it, a world without a single chicken, goat or cow alive….

What happens to my beloved eggs…maybe they’ll lab it too?

I’m just thinking!