Apple Is Now Letting Third-party Repair Shops Handle iPhone Repairs Going Forward


Apple has always followed a structured repair system where Apple authorized service providers are only allowed to access Apple-genuine parts, training, and resources for repairs and maintenance. But today, that’s about to change; The company announced that, it is introducing some level of flexibility which allows independent or third-party repair shops to be able to render self-same service out-of-warranty iPhone repairs.

The company said interested businesses can apply for free. But to qualify, each business must have an Apple-certified technician which qualifies it to access Apple-genuine parts, training, and resources, service guides, diagnostics and resources at the same cost as Apple authorized resellers.

Apple says the whole idea is to replicate the service around the world, such that 18 out of every 20 iPhone users can easily walk into an iPhone repair shop and get quality service. Apple says the program is currently in North America, Europe, and Asia. With the recent launch in the United States, it hopes to announce more centers in the nearest future. Best Buy location has started accepting Apple device repairs as announced in June.

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