Boston Dynamics Releases Videos To Show Latest Skills Of The SpotMini And Atlas Robots.


    Boston Dynamics makes robots, robots that have the movements and dexterity of man and animals. And they are good at it. Two of its robots are SpotMini and Atlas, which have just been upgraded with latest skills.

    In a video posted today by Boston Dynamics, the SpotMini with its four-legged structure like an animal has the ability to move around its environment avoiding obstacles all the way. It moved around an equipment-crowded office complex without colliding with obstacles. Its autonomous system maps the environment and creates images of obstacles and freeways which SpotMini uses to navigate.

    The other robot, Atlas, was tested outdoor, in the field, where it jumped over a big log and ran like a man. The Atlas stands erect like a human with good balancing. It is amazing to see how far Boston Dynamics has gone with its robot development.

    Sometime in the future, this robots will do house chores and even secure the home.