DOCOTAL: Your Free Online Medical Consultations.


The cliché “health is wealth” still remains of paramount value in the minds of these great medical practitioners who have come together from all around the world to fulfill the promise of health information on the internet.

DOCOTAL, a health organization understands that how you feel affects every precious day of your life, which is why they are committed to being your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being.

They provide credible online medical information and in-depth reference about health subjects that matter to you. All you need do is ask a doctor online and describe your symptoms to get a free medical consultation.

This organization was launched on November 2, 2017, by Okechukwu Ekemezie (CEO), Nnamdy Elenwoke (Co-founder) and Laminu Kaumi (Chairman).

DOCOTAL IS HERE FOR YOU. Meanwhile I’m already on my way to getting a professional advice for my medical questions with no stress and more so for free!

How this works
1. Go to google playstore
2. Search for “docotal”
3. Download Docotal app
4. Click on “patient signup” if you are a new user otherwise login
5. Sign up correctly
6. Then you are ready to chat with any of the doctors by selecting an online doctor of your choice.

Below are screenshots of my experience with the DOCOTAL app.