Dynafocals Automatic Adjusting Glasses Brings An End To Glasses Swapping.


    Have you seen grannies, or probably you have them, with various pairs of glasses they swap to read different materials? Today a lot of young people do the same. Whatever the case, Dynafocals automatic adjusting Glasses wants to correct it.

    A lot of us require vision correction to some degree as some were just born with poor vision, while others could have been due to age or long time spent on staring at screens. Whichever way, there’s a poor sight that requires correction.

    Another thing is, fixing your vision problem can be seldom challenging too: when buying the right pair of glasses for your needs, you face the common bottlenecks such as expense (they can be pricey), time (finding a perfect pair can be time-consuming), uncertainty (not knowing the right style for your face, shape and profession).

    But today, there is a way out with DYNAFOCALS. Dynafocals is a pair of smart reading glasses that automatically adjusts focus based on users’ view such that if a user is either working on a computer reading or staring at the screen, it is detected by dynafocal and nose-pad is adjusted to bring the near focus area of the progressive lens into users view.

    Also no more swapping of reading glasses(having a designated glass to serve each purpose) and tilting of head with progressive lens.

    How this works:

    Dynafocal eyeglass frames adjust the progressive lens automatically.

    Where it can be applied:

    Dynafocals can be used to treat almost any vision problem ranging from myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism and more.

    P. S. This product is currently under development and scheduled to be launched by middle of 2018. Please stay tuned for updates.