Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram To Message Each Other


Social Media giant Facebook wants to collaborate with its subsidiary Social Media platforms in terms of communication.

According to the Newyork times report, Facebook’s underlying infrastructure is to allow for easy navigation between networks such that a user using one of its services can communicate with another service without leaving the ecosystem.

A Facebook user will be able to message or chat a WhatsApp or an Instagram user while on Facebook. Sounds interesting!

Mark Zuckerberg is the father of all three Social Media; Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram, and combining its resources this way is to make it strong enough to compete against its contemporaries.

Mark hopes to create a moreover exciting engagements and flexibility with this amazing innovation. However all three social media platforms will remain a stand-alone app except for the messaging features.

According to the source, this move is not going to be an easy one, it’ll require a lot of reconfigurations of the messaging services to be able to successfully implement the new concept.

Remember, Skype and facebook have similar integration whereby a user on Skype can chat another user on facebook. A user on Skype, who also has a Facebook account sees all his friends who are online on facebook and so he’s able to send chat messages to any of facebook friends While on Skype.

Well, maybe is probably an idea that arrived late. Nevertheless, the process has started and hopes to be completed by 2020.

Do you want the new concept. Yes or No?