FridgEYE–No More Getting To The Store And Being Uncertain About What You Need!


The problem of not knowing what’s in your fridge is prevalent among those who lead a busy life. It becomes even harder when you have kids at home who would’ve probably fed off the refrigerator in your absence after taking stock of the fridge.

But, how do you stay in the know even on the go? It is imperative therefore to figure out a way to stay abreast with contents in your fridge always, in order to avoid lack or duplicate of them.

Look no further because FridgEYE is, however, offering a solution. Fridgeye uses machine learning technology to give you a live look of what’s in your refrigerator, along with its complete history, the company says.

With FridgEYE, no more getting to the store and being uncertain about what you need – and what you don’t need. And that’s not all— FridgEYE device is built with virtual reality technology that immerses you into your fridge environment so you can peruse through and see a list of its contents.

How it works

The FridgEYE device is installed in your home, necessarily your fridge. To access your fridge while on the go, you have to download the FridgEYE app into your mobile device, install it to make use of it.

The FridgEYE device works through your home Wi-Fi, transmitting videos of the content of your refrigerator over the internet to you anywhere in the world.

The startup is a team of 7 individuals from 6 continents who came together and created the FridgEYE device at the 2019 MIT DeepTech Bootcamp.