Google Allegedly Becomes First Tech Company To Achieve Breakthrough In Quantum Computing


Google has been making in-depth study into quantum computing, and now, has recorded significant success with its quantum processor, called Sycamore.

Sycamore allegedly finished a calculation in 3 minutes, 20 seconds which would take the world’s fastest supercomputer 10,000 years to do the same thing.

Google’s major feat was announced on Wednesday when it achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing, saying it has developed an experimental processor that took just minutes to complete a calculation that would take the world’s best supercomputer thousands of years.

While conventional computing relies on bits of either one or zero, quantum computing employs quantum bits, or qubits, that contain values of one and zero simultaneously, beating down computing time to just seconds.

Google, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft have been in the race to develop a quantum processor because of its presumed significance in life. Fortunately, Google is assuming the lead position with its allegedly successful Sycamore.

With quantum computing, possibilities include finding new medicines, developing vastly smarter artificial intelligence systems, breaking the best cryptography, and most amazingly, cracking the encryption that protects some of the world’s most closely guarded secrets.

Meanwhile, about a month ago, IBM reacted to Google’s claim leak, that it had achieved “quantum supremacy,”:  a point  when a quantum computer can perform a calculation that a traditional computer can’t complete within its lifetime. IBM said that its IBM-developed supercomputer, called Summit, could actually do the calculation in 2.5 days. Google, however disputed IBM’s claims, upholding itself as quantum supremacy.

Quantum computers is believed to become lead to the development of better artificial intelligence systems to guide financial portfolios, crop yields or transportation routes.

Quantum Computers will definitely out weigh classical computers in all ramifications. Tech world! Are you ready?