How Technology Can Make You Popular


What is popularity? Why become popular?

Popularity is the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people. It is an attractive or exciting quality that makes people or things seem appealing, such that the masses want to identify with.

To become popular is not an easy task but sure worths the process. Reason being that it requires a whole lot of commitment and dedication to a cause.

People want to become popular because of the incentives that come along with it. A popular person is regarded with favor and affection from the masses. For instance, C. Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Wizkid, Brad Pitt and more.

However, any one can be popular. If you can put into action the few steps i’ll be sharing below, then you are already on your way to gaining popularity.

Tips on how Technology can make you popular 

1. Content Creation: the myth that posting images of yourself or something on various print or electronic platform without “content” will make you popular, is only a waste of time.

Content is key. Content creation is all about the value you offer, the service you render, if you like. The quality of your content will determine the impact you make as well as the distance you’ll go.

Your picture or image might flood the streets, internet , but without a corresponding content, you can’t attract admiration and support which are the true definition of popularity.

Popular Musicians, Footballers, Actors/Actresses, Pastors, Scientists, Engineers, Fashion Designers etc, share unique and quality contents that are appealing to the people and, that has put them on the spotlight.

2. Social Media: prior to social media era, getting on the spotlight proved seemingly difficult and expensive. The notion then was that the elite organizations, individual and, perhaps the government could only afford to a slot on TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper etc, but today Social Media has made it a lot easier to get on the spotlight.

With Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and more, your content can go viral on the internet.

All you need do is create an account on each of the platforms and post your content. You can also promote your post to reach more people, because the more people you reach, the more popular you become.

3. Consistency : this leads to sustainability. You must be consistent in your service delivery. It’s not a function of how you feel at the moment: maybe you are not in your right frame of mind or you don’t just have the urge to create contents at the moment, etc.

You must lay aside all feelings of emotions and go all out if you really want to break even and become popular.

Content, Smart work, Dedication and Commitment sure pay off. Thank me later.