Imaginations For SpaceX Founder, Elon Musk, You Won’t Belief Are Possible


    Imaginations give wings to possibilities, and here we want to show you possibilities you never thought of. Elon Musk is tech most ambitious and glamorous entity alive.

    Stop and think…

    Who would send a car into space to planet Mars?  Elon.

    Who dares to say we must start landing the first stage of a rocket after launch for re-usability? Elon.

    Who makes an electric car more powerful and more beautiful than a petrol car? Elon

    Who launches a rocket and attach the most sophisticated camera systems for the world to watch live? Elon

    Who launches products with so much fan fare like Grammy? Elon

    Don’t you think this talent will be awesome somewhere else too?  Imagine this:

    1. Imagine Elon was the owner of Chelsea football club:  Players would arrive playing field 10 minutes to kick-off  using parachute, already dressed for the game. Referees would drive cars on the pitch, during playing time, in every Chelsea game to avoid tiredness.


    1. Imagine Elon was Michael Jackson:  He would arrive concert venues by Electric Rockets. Of course the crowd would love him because, like he always says , “I still love you”. But can he dance those back slides?


    1. Imagine Elon Musk was the President of the U.S:  Wow! This is tough. First, there won’t be AIRFORCE ONE. Rather it would be NASA ONE. Who wants a plane when he can make a ROCKET.  And since it is re-usable, it would land on the roof of the White House. No more helicopters and planes. And of course, his vacation would be on MARS!

    Feel free to add your imaginations for Elon Musk in the comment section below