Influencer Marketing Myths; What You Didn’t know


Influencer marketing has been overrated. Yes or No?

Electronic media marketing has evolved from the use of TV, Radio, fax for products and services advertising to social media marketing whereby celebrities, influencers, from various industries are contracted by companies and individuals to sign a partnership deal in order to promote products to their massive followers on popular social media platforms, particularly Instagram and YouTube.

Well, majority of influencers seem not to have the slightest idea how to make money doing it. Sure they look cute and get people to look at their picture or watch their you tube ad or read their blog, but no strategy or clear cut map from the start to build a business. It’s more like, oh let me get millions of readers, followers or viewers and the money will rain from heaven.

Just because people might “follow” you or stalk you on social media, doesn’t mean they would pay for the pleasure.

Mistakes made by most companies is the use of “wrong” influencers for the right products or vice-versa; a typical scenario where a popular movie actress promotes a milk brand. Or the case of a popular singer promoting a fitness brand. What is the connection?

Having millions of followers on your account as an influencer becomes utterly useless when there is no cohesion between a brand and the influencer(promoter). Beyond that, when there’s no understanding of an audience/followers.

Influencers must build powerful and meaningful engagements with their followers/audience to be able to succeed in this business otherwise it would be better if they were simply a salaried employee.

Better to have 1000 loyal customers than 2M of tire kickers.

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