Moulla To Launch A Self-flying Umbrella This Summer


It’s the Drone era — self-flying photographer (Dronegrapher), window washing drone, fire-fighter drone, Drone for humanitarian services, Drone models…, and now, DroneBrella.

Drones have proven to be helpful in such a way that they take care of hazards from us. They are used in extreme conditions that may be harmful to man. However they can also be used for convenience and domestic purposes.

The Japanese DroneBrella is one of such drones that fills in for convenience. It takes away the burden of hand-held umbrellas, and possibilities of forgetfulness while you enjoy your day in a temperate and conducive atmosphere amid harsh atmospheric conditions.

Moulla and Augmented magic have created DroneBrella, the self-flying umbrella. The floating umbrella follows you wherever you go. It can be controlled by an app. It has various modes; manual, follow me, automatic, stationary, and numerous other functionalities.

The DroneBrella is a hands-free drone and umbrella hybrid. It was motivated by the dislike for hand-held umbrellas due to the burdensome nature of having to carry it about.

And at other times, tendencies of leaving them behind are inevitable. In a bid to avoid forgetting them behind, some have taken to the option of buying a small folded umbrella that perfectly fits in the bag.

But what if all you needed was fitted in your phone. Such that you’re most likely in control of your umbrella through an app without having to handle the umbrella. And yet it gives you the required shed and comfort you need.

How it works

This umbrella uses a camera and an artificial intelligence that helps in tracking and following the user as they walk down the street. It will fly from a distance and follow you like a drone. It helps a person commute hands-free (or while holding a cell phone) and is useful in both rain and sun.

Well, what happens if it encounters obstacles in the air. Is it able to avoid them? I’m hoping an obstacle avoidance system (OAS) has been built in the dronebrella to tackle such occurances.

Japanese DroneBrella is likely to  come out this summer. I’m sure you’ll want to have it. So be on the lookout.