Nigerian Developer, Abdulhakim Bashir, Defeats 750 Contestants From 73 Countries, Bags Away $10,000 Prize


A Nigerian developer has yet again put his country on the spotlight as he wins an international competition in Dubai, bags away $10,000.

The competition which took place on 9th October, involved 750 contestants from 73 countries for the start up innovation competition put together by the Dubai’s Trade elicited a Nigerian developer by name Abdulhakim Bashir as the winner.

Bashir emerged winner in the Artificial Intelligence category, for the app which he developed called Chiniki Guard.

According to him, Chiniki Guard is an app that alerts shop owners to shoplifting and helps shop owners guard against avoidable losses.

“Chiniki Guard provides real-time updates on the activities going on in a retail store. It reports theft and shoplifting by analyzing the video feed through the Closed Circuit TV,” he said. Although he didn’t say what inspired the name “Chiniki Guard.” 

The software application uses AI to analyze video feeds or footage collected from cameras installed in shopping centers to ascertain malicious intents and alerts shop owners immediately.

Bashir believes that his software will curb theft and shoplifting activities that may be perpetrated by shoppers or sales attendance in shopping centers.

The efficacy of this app can also be extended to cooperate profit organizations like the banks to alert bank owners of any pocket or baglifting activities in the banking hall.