Nigeria’s Language Expert Kola Tubosun, Appointed As Google’s Project Manager For Natural Language Processing

image courtesy; Huff post

Kola Tubosun is returning to Google as Project Manager for Natural Language Processing Tasks. Between 2015 and 2016, he worked with Google on a Nigerian English voice project.

Techcabal spoke with Kola, who created Yoruba Names and has actively worked to improve local language experience with tech products. He mentioned Google’s effort with language processing and capacity for local languages with Google system.

Techcabal congratulated him in a tweet while he responded with a retweet. He wrote, “Excited about this too.”

Google Translate app is one of the most advanced systems for language translations which supports iOS and Android devices. With machine learning and AI, covering over 100 languages around the world. A few of the many ways Google Translate helps you understand and communicate in over 100 languages.

Google has taken it quite a step further to improve local language experience with tech products, and Kola Tubosun is Google’s lead for Natural Language Processing Tasks.

Kola Tubosun is a Nigerian linguist, writer, Teacher, Scholar and Cultural activist whose work and influence span the fields of Education. The 37-year-old Nigerian linguist has earned himself so many incredible Awards and Honours.

It’s OK if we sound like Americans or British. But to better relate and experience tech products, I guess we need to incorporate our own local languages too. 

We are eager to see the results of the synergy between Kola’s engagement and Google’s efforts.