Now You Can Identify Fake, Photoshopped Or Manipulated Images And Their Sources, Using The TinEye Platform.


    A lot of fake and crappy things happen these days especially in the era of social media. How do you verify if an image being shared widely is real or not? How do you tell if your photo was a photoshopped composite of different pictures?

    There’s a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” if that is true, then “false picture worths more than a thousand false words.” this is why the tinEye site amongst others has sprouted in the wilds.

    TinEye is a free platform that makes you know the original source of a photo by finding the “most changed”, “oldest” and “newest” iterations of a photograph.

    How this works

    Save or download the picture you want to verify or copy the URL of the actual photo.

    On your phone’s browser, enter in the address bar.

    Select “upload image” and choose the image to be verified or paste the picture’s URL in the tineye search bar.

    Select one of the images returned and then toggle between “your image” and “image match.”

    Now you can make factual decisions and judgements. Other platforms include fake image detector, picquery etc.