President Trump Lifts US Ban On Huawei, But With A Condition!


If you have been following through the US ban on Huawei story and all the ordeals Huawei have had to go through since the ban, it would interest you to know that Huawei has been reprieved of its ban.

US President Donald Trump at the G20 Summit in Japan, reached a concencus with President Xi of China over bridging the trade deficit between both countries, which is partly believed to be one reason for the ban besides China’s alledged spy on the country.

“China has agreed that, during the negotiation, they will begin purchasing large amounts of agricultural product from our great Farmers”, Trump tweeted.

Since US – China trade deal has been established, Trump added that “At the request of our High Tech companies, and President Xi, I agreed to allow Chinese company Huawei to buy product from them which will not impact our National Security.”

Although the ban has been lifted, there’s a condition not to “impact National Security”.

Huawei being the largest manufacturer of telecoms equipments and second largest smartphone seller in the world buys hardware parts from the US market, and as well, softwares like “android” from the US high tech companies, causing the Chinese company totally handicapped after the ban. Also, Huawei’s CEO had projected a loss of a staggering $30 billion  for the company in a couple years.

Well, turns out things will begin to get rosy again for the Chinese company after the reprieve.