Selfie Drone: Your Personal Self-Flying Photographer


Have you ever been disappointed by your photographer? Am talking about that feeling of depression that sets in when you are just about to host that special event, call it a birthday party, wedding event, anniversary, picnic or even personal moments that you think it’s worth making memorable. And then you are dying in need of your photographer or video producer to capture those moments but he/she is nowhere to be found due to one may be genuine reason or the other.

A selfie drone has got the solution to this problem. A selfie drone is a small, unmanned flying vehicle used to take photos or videos from an aerial perspective. Using at least three propellers and typically less than two feet in diameter, a selfie drone is remotely controlled from your phone. With a selfie drone, pictures can be taken from back to back including video coverage without the aid of a photographer or video producer making the job one that will be extinct soon.

The Hover Camera Selfie Drone:

It is a standalone device that is not limited by location, it can hover in the air, used in the rain and also portable. Because of its portable nature, it can be carried in a handbag for use anywhere. Like most selfie drones, the hover camera drone has an automatic mode that makes it follow you wherever you go, taking shots and videos of you automatically. It does this through facial and body structure recognition. Consequently, independence is achieved.