Solar Panels Make Their Journey To Window Blinds


    Solar panels, the means by which we convert the sun’s energy into the much needed electrical energy, has been making inroads to homes recently. Solar panels are small electrical power generation stations that don’t and will never use up its source of energy, the SUN. Unlike fossil fuels, which is consumed, burnt at power stations, the sunlight cannot be consumed.

    This miniature power generating panels, when combined can generate power for a whole city, as it is being done in China, US, Australia etc. Because of the need for clean energy, Solar panels are being integrated into products we use to shape our way of living.

    Recently, Solar City through its CEO Elon Musk announced the solar roof tile. Previously, we mounted solar panels on the roof of buildings in order not to take up space on the ground, and to get good exposure to sunlight, but Solar City’s roof tile has solar panels built into it. No need for a separate solar panel. The material is hard enough to withstand harsh environment.

    This is solar panel integration taken to a higher level, as an integral part of a product. Which brings us to the product we want to talk about: Solar Window Blinds. In this case, solar panel is built as an integral part of your window blinds. Now solar panel has entered the house.

    A company called SolarGaps claims to have started the installation of world’s first solar window blinds called SolarGaps. SolarGaps started raising funds to take its products to market in 2017. Today SolarGaps has its products installed in 13 countries with 445 pre-orders.

    SolarGaps window blinds can generate up to 150W of electrical power per 10 square foot of window installation. This can power three Mac books. Should you have all your windows fitted SolarGaps window blinds, you have succeeded in cutting your electricity bill by 70% or more. In no time, the cost will be recovered, SolarGaps said.

    The company said the product is made renter-friendly, as it is a DIY both for installation and removal. SolarGaps can be fitted either inside or outside of your window.
    One important feature of SolarGaps is that it automatically tracks the sun. That is to say, it automatically opens to the extent that it exposes its maximum surface to the sunlight.
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