Sony, Taking Advantage Of Huawei’s Recent Ban Condition, Resumes Smartphones Making Business.


The world’s largest entertainment company is now back on making smartphones. Sony’s new CEO Kenichiro Yochida told journalists that he wouldn’t walk away from the near dead smartphone business, saying that smartphones now resonates with Sony’s image of entertainment. Reuters quotes Yoshida, who said “we see smartphones as hardware for entertainment, and a component necessary to make our hardware brand sustainable”

Sony’s decline in the smartphone business was due to the consistent loses it encountered under the leadership of former CEO Kaz Hirai restructuring for profitability in the past years, especially when the division lost $869 million across 2018

However, since the company wasn’t able to pull out of the loses, it resorted to keeping the smartphone memory alive only within the company. In 2015, Hirai said that Sony would persist in smartphones just to keep the knowledge inside the company for the “next communications device.”

But his successor has yet another plan to build on the point identified by his former boss, that “younger generations no longer watch TV,” because their first port of call is the smartphone. 

Sony is known for quality products, ranging from Smartphones, camera, and TVs. Sony smartphone users can’t wait to have a feel of Sony’s latest devices.