Spectranet First To Launch Car-Fi To Enable Internet Services OTG (on the go) In Nigeria


Remember your popular car mp3 player, that is normally plugged into the cigarette lighter power supply? Spectranet’s Car-Fi 4G wireless router is designed to be plugged into the same power supply to enable internet services on the go!

“Spectranet Car-Fi is a premium lifestyle product and addresses the need of the people who are always on the move,” says the company.

Upon powering, 4G signal flows through the device to the router, and the signal is delivered up to 10 phones, tablets, etc, through Wi-Fi. Users can also enjoy continuous internet services OTG, as long as the Car-Fi draws power from the car battery.

The Spectranet Car-Fi is portable in size almost palm fitted. It is useful for collaborations, meetings, conferences, etc, while eliminating safety concerns that would’ve emerged resulting from using phone hotspots on the move. 

“the Spectranet Car-Fi is also a device for multiple co-travelers in a vehicle, like in a staff bus, who can stay connected and use the travel time in a productive manner, ” said Chief Executive Officer Spectranet, Mr. Ajay Awasthi, at the unveiling of the product.

This innovative product, according to Techpoint, is the first of its kind in Nigeria since the commencement of internet service offering.

Speaking at the launch, the Chief Executive Officer Spectranet, Mr. Ajay Awasthi, said “Spectranet 4G LTE, as a leading Internet Service Provider, always endeavour to launch innovative products and services for its discerning customers. By staying at the cutting edge of innovation, we ensure that the evolving needs of our customers are addressed well-in-time and well ahead of others. The launch of Car-Fi is going to further endear the brand Spectranet to its customers and strengthen its position as a leading and innovative internet service provider.”

“Spectranet Car-Fi is a premium lifestyle product and addresses the need of the people who are always on the move. The product is borne of insight that due to heavy traffic most people within the city spend good productive hours on the road. As a consumer-centric brand which believes in delivering more to its customers, we decided to introduce this innovative product, enabling our customers to work from the comfort of their vehicle while on the go.”

The internet service company is currently available across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt, providing high speed internet connectivity for the customers.

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