“Tap” Wearable Keyboard+Mouse Inputs Data With Exceptional Flexibility


As input devices advance, developers are discovering better ways to give the users an off the grid experience for data input into their mobile devices.

Prevalent methods have had direct contact with these devices by either speaking or tapping directly on them to input data, for instance, dialling a number, reading a text message, taking a photo and more. In as much as these methods are warming and great, they seem not to overrule the fact that they are position bound which is your inability to send data to your mobile and wearable devices without a direct contact.

Thanks to “Tap” the game changer. Tap is a wearable mouse+keyboard that lets your finger control and communicate with the digital world. As you tap your fingers or glide your thumb, characters and commands are sent to any Bluetooth device such as your phone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch and more says the company.

How it works

Tap gives you an off the grid experience, a feeling that takes you into the future. When you wear Tap, you can use it to compose text, mouse around and control games. Since Tap serves as both mouse and keyboard, all you need do is glide your thumb to move the cursor on any surface maintaining a Bluetooth distance and tap your fingers to click. You’ll be amazed at the feeling.

One might ask, how is it possible to identify each number and letter on each finger? Tap company says there’s a learning procedure that is simple and accommodating, calls it  the “Tap Genius.” Tap Genius is a child-simple game that will have you tapping within minutes and mastering the system within hours. The challenging levels move your learning from conscious to instinctive, mimicking the skills of speedy entry and control.