Taylor Swift Facial Recognition System Secretly Recorded Stalkers’ Faces at the California’s Rose Bowl Concert

image courtesy: The Verge

Taylor Swift facial recognition system secretly recorded stalkers faces at California’s Rose Bowl concert held in May.

Taylor’s facial recognition system was built into a kiosk that displayed highlights of her rehearsal to monitor and record viewers’ faces. And guess what? Hundreds of Taylor’s stalkers were identified.

According to Rolling Stone, which had a conversation with a concert security expert who observed the kiosk, attendees who viewed the stand were immediately scanned, and afterward, the data was transferred to a “command post” in Nashville, Tennessee where the match was carried out with hundreds of images in the database of her known stalkers.

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Facial recognition security measures in concerts and events should not be considered extreme even though they may be technically private. However, it’s not the first time it’s been used to look out for unwanted attendees.

Advancements have also been made with facial recognition technology in big crowds, such as replacing tickets with a facial scan that is tied to your seat in the US.