Technology That Solves Problems in Relationships.


    With a focus on long distance relationship and it’s disruptive effect: relationship is something that holds a strong value in our lives whether as an individual or a corporate entity. And as such should not be treated lightly, hence the need to profer technology solutions in relationships problems.

    Many times, I have wondered how our fore fathers managed and were able to sustain long distance relationships with technology. It is also no doubt that they equally had their ways around it: they only married within their settlements and remained there, if for any reasons they had to move, they moved altogether. And for the few who found love elsewhere, keeping up with the relationship was difficult because apparently the use of letters as a means of communication was not effective as letters sometimes got missing on transit, making a lovely relationship suffer.

    But thanks to technology innovations that have not only solved these problems but also improved the quality of relationships. Today long distance relationship doesn’t necessarily mean a dead end anymore but as become a realistic option that can be ventured.

    Here are some tech tools to solve long distance relationships:

    Mobile Phone: this technology innovation is a disruptive one that has improved the quality of life more than we imagined. Today, long distance relationship has survived the hurdles of breaking up owing to distance.

    Facebook, Skype, IMO, whats app, etc.With these applications, instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls can be achieved. And to say of a truth, nothing will ever replace being with someone in-person, but these innovations have made it possible to stay in touch with friends and family in that you no longer have to travel a distance to see loved ones. What may have taken maybe 8 or more hours drive now just a few clicks away.