The Ellie UV Sterilizing Pod Kills Germs In Just 60 Seconds


You can’t deny the fact that microorganisms exist in your environment. You may not see them with your naked eyes but feel their impacts in diverse ways causing harm to your general health systems.

Germs are the root cause of diseases that threaten the lives of individuals mostly babies. Babies are more vulnerable because of their nature and lifestyle. They virtually put everything that gets into their hands right into their mouths, from baby bottles to binkies, teethers to toys regardless of the hygiene status of the object. And this has led to high infant mortality rate.

However, Ellie UV sterilizing pod is the solution. Ellie is the first portable digital UV (ultraviolet) sterilizer that kills 99.9% of germs in just 60 seconds without the use of mercury or harsh chemicals. It is a portable mobile device that sterilizes anything that is contaminated within 60 seconds. Its rechargeable battery also makes it possible to use on the go.

How this works

Before it goes in your baby’s mouth, stuck it into Ellie pod, turn on the power button and in 60 seconds, your items are sterilized. Ellie can contain stuff like breast pump accessories, food, water, toys, etc.


Infants’ mortality would be drastically reduced.

Ease of sterilizing objects on the go.

Babies can now feel safe and healthy.


Place the items inside Ellie and make sure they sit correctly above the UV LED lights to get maximum UV exposure. Again, please don’t overfill the Ellie case chamber with too many items at once.