The FCC’s $40m Hammer On T-Mobile Is About Something Trivial But Vital.


For making callers’ phones to ring when actually calls never got connected you will pay $40m, FCC tells T-Mobile. T-Mobile, an American telecoms giant, admitted to have played ringing sounds “hundreds of millions” of times over the years when actually calls never connected.

In areas, especially rural areas, where coverage is poor, or conditions leads to poor connectivity, calls may not connect or may take longer to connect. T-Mobile plays the connection tunes to show that calls connected when it did not actually connect. Trivial one would say.

Consequences of the practice

This can sever relationships for persons or organizations, as it destroys trust and shows lack of interest in continuing with a deal or relationship. A situation where partner A calls partner B severally, phone rings(illusion from T-Mobile), partner B never knew and so doesn’t pick, partner A starts thinking B is not interested in the relationship and backs out. This scenario might have occurred several times during the “hundreds of millions” of times T-Mobile deceived everybody.

Once again America is discovering and showing the way forward on hidden but important issues, for if it is left untouched we would have broken relationships everywhere, both at organizational level and at individual level. Thank goodness it has been discovered, like late Bob Marley sang, “you can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time…”.