The World’s First Domestic Automatic Ironing Machine


Effie is the world’s first domestic automatic ironing machine, the company says. Ironing, whether domestic or industrial, is a very tedious job to do. But a company announced an invention with a beautiful name Effie. Effie, sounds like a female name, irons your clothes in three minutes.

Effie has a very beautiful appearance that fits into the aesthetics of the home, it plays a powerful role in the house yet you may not notice it is there even when you see it. This incredible home match machine has no need for installation work like plumbing etc, it comes modular and ready, yet looks simple.

It is about half the height of an adult and not too heavy. You carry it like a box and keep at a corner of your laundry room or so and it’s ready for use, does not need complex industrial kind of installation. To smart things up, effie comes with an App to monitor progress and get alerts when it is done.

Effie is made by a small group of five engineers and an intern, who have produced over 1000 drawings, prototypes. They claim to have a journey with more plot twists than Harry Potter. And the journey to the first shipments is all mapped out clearly.


Ironing mode: effie irons clothes by contacting and pressing them. Just like the steam ironing process.

Steaming mode: effie pours steam into your more delicate clothes without touching them. Allowing the wrinkles to vanish.

Drying mode: effie can dry your clothes by moving hot air over them without causing damages.

How It Works

Effie can take up to 12 items at once, simply hang your clothes on the exposed rail and click go, effie treats them separately. Watch, as each item is finished. The clothes are loaded right from the washing machine, no need to dry them first as effie will dry and iron. The makers say it uses the perfect combination of steam and heat to ensure it doesn’t damage your clothes.

Effie can handle the following fabric: cotton, silk, viscose, polyester, denim.   

The Journey To Shipments