Two 12-Year-Old Nigerians Build Clothes Folding Robot


The future is robotics (Artificial Intelligence). Technology advancements have made the manufacturing of consumer devices which are used to serve our day to day needs, a lot easier.

Today, with a handful of coding skills, and a good mastery of robotics designs, you can develop efficient devices within a short while.

Technology simply means creating tool/s that enhance work and productivity. These have always been the drive for technological innovations in the world including Nigeria.

Recently on BBC news Africa, two young Nigerian coders sharing same age; Nsikakabasi Oluwatobiloba 12, and Fathia Abdullahi 12 identified key problem areas in their homes, and set out to solve them.

Fathia Abdullahi decided to build a robot that folds clothes. According to her, “because that is the problem we face at home.” She added, “We wash clothes and there would be a lot of T-shirts to fold”.

So she built a robot, programmed it to identify objects, and fold them accordingly.

Abdullahi started coding at the age of 11. With her love for technology, she hopes to become a food scientist in the future. ” when I grow up, I will love to be a food scientist, and I will be able to use this coding to build so many things that would help me.”

While Nsikakabasi who started coding at the age of 10, now finds love in robotic engineering. “I love coding. That is why I want to be a robotic engineer”. He said.

If Young people can be inspired and motivated at an early age enough to discover what technological skills can do and how they can impact societies positively, then there would be more innovative publications.

Image credit: BBC News Africa