Why Do Nigerians Speak Into The Earpiece Of Their Phones When Making Calls, Instead Of The Microphone?


Have you ever found yourself talking into that part of your phone where the voice of the other person you are conversing with is coming out? It’s gradually becoming the norm. Especially when the environment is noisy, in an attempt to make the person you are talking to hear you, you switch from the proper thing to start talking into the earpiece, as though the other person’s ear is there. With this method the microphone at the bottom may never be able to pick up sound from mouth as it is coming from the wrong direction. And of course it looks weird attaching phone earpiece to your mouth.

Every smart phone has an earpiece  and a microphone for making calls. The microphone is a tiny hole or holes located at the bottom of the phone while the earpiece is a mesh located at the top of the phone.

circled part is the microphone


red square lines indicate the microphone


blue circle indicates earpiece


With the phone upright in your hand, place the earpiece part over your ear and talk. The microphone is designed to pick up sound from your mouth at that distance.

proper way to make a phone call