Is Your Home at Risk of Fire Outbreak?


When you move into a new apartment, the rush of excitement flows through your cheeks, the most painful thing you want to do is watch your apartment burn down along with valuable items. You may also be on a verge of losing a loved one who could have been affected by the disaster caused by an unseen gas leakage or smoke. 

A “smoke and gas” detector is a device that senses smoke and detects the presence of gases in an area such as kitchen, parlour, bedroom etc., typically as an indicator of fire. It alerts you where there is a gas leakage or smoke. It is one of the best home gadgets that protect your home from unprecedented and reoccurring events of disaster. This safety system puts an end to the hazard caused by our inability to detect gas leakage and smoke timely, putting our lives and properties in danger. It will also interest you to know that this device is not expensive, purchase, installation, and maintenance are cost effective and they are also available at Konga.

So that you can cook at peace and without fear of any disaster, and the issue of whether to keep your gas cylinders in the kitchen or not is also dealt with.