Lagos State’s Extreme Traffic Jams Can Be Solved Using Google Maps


Lagos State’s seemingly unbearable and unsurmountable problems of hellish traffic, congestions and overcrowding has be mitigated through technological means – such as “Google Maps”.

Commuters can now depend on Google Maps to make informed decisions about where to go, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), routes to take to avoid the stressful part of a workday, and more.

Knowing how real the traffic is ahead of you, can help you avoid running into it. And if you are a private person like me who wouldn’t like to disclose my schedule to a friend by asking the situation of traffic in a particular place, then Google Maps is the surest alternative for you.

With just a tap, you have access to vital information like live traffic updates, Estimated Time of Arrival, so you don’t set out on a journey earlier than necessary. That way, you can make judicious use of your time.

Sharing your ETA and location is another worthwhile feature of Google Maps. Skeptical employers and worried family members can share in the location of their employees and family members stuck in traffic, through WhatsApp, facebook messenger or email. They can have an estimated time of arrival; This is made possible by tapping on the blue spot on the Google Map that indicates your location, and tap the “share with friends” option. You can also use the Share Trip Progress functionality in Google Maps to share your estimated Time of Arrival. That way you can calm down their nerves.

However, Google is proposing a “Mixed Transition option” for its Google Maps app. 

This feature is made to come in handy in extreme traffic jams and congestive situations.

Mixed traffic option is aimed to provide commuters with various options tailored to the quickest mediums possible to take them to their destinations. You could drive or cycle to a taxi/bus station, taxi/ bus or rideshare from there and then walk the last few minutes to work.

Technological advancements have proffered relative solutions if not absolute, to the prevailing problems in Lagos State,  Nigeria.

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