Pepsi Unveils A Make-Your-Own-Drink Station


Pepsi has just unveiled a water dispenser system that enables you create your own zero-calorie beverage.

Since the company now owns SodaStream, it’s trying its hand at a make-your-own-drink station which could be different from its conventional sugar content drinks.

Interestingly, a touchscreen interfaces the water dispenser system and lets you make your drink to your taste— carbonated as you like, choose the flavor (including its intensity) and set the temperature. However, you can as well have a plain uncarbonated water if that’s all you want.

With a Wi-Fi connection, there’s also a companion smartphone app that helps show your water intake level and encourages you to hydrate. It’s equally seamless to reuse such that at your first drink, a QR code is created that ties your drink and bottle to your account,
so you can always have access to a favorite beverage without having to recreate it every time.

Pepsi however, hasn’t gone live with its new ingenious thirst quenching strategy yet. And it has not said anything about its proposed stations of deployment, whether it’s going to be installed in publicly condensed areas or at home.