Microsoft Has Mistakenly Released An Internal-only Version Of Windows 10 To Testers, Reveals A New “Start” Menu Design.


Though not yet verified whether it is intentional or accidental; Microsoft has released an internal-only version of windows 10 to testers, revealing a new “start” menu design.

Reason for the uncertainty is that the software giant made this same mistake in 2017, releasing internal versions for windows 10 for PC and Mobile, which caused some systems to enter a reboot loop. Although Microsoft quickly intervened in the situation and helped affected Windows 10 users with a device recoup tool.

Today, the tech giant distributed Windows 10 build 18947, meant for internal Xbox development, to Windows Insider testers using 32-bit devices.


The internal build appears to include a new Start menu design, that is still very early in testing, without Microsoft’s Live Tiles. It also includes a GIF search tool within the emoji picker for Windows 10. However, there may be an undertone to this latest development; a possible test run to see what users feel of its new start menu design and the GIF search tool.

One windows internal tester with the username Zac Bowden who happened to receive the released software took to twitter, “windows 10 build 18947 is being pushed to insiders in *ALL RINGS* on 32-bit machines. 18947 is a canary build, and has not been tested internally yet(it was compiled less than a day ago). Seems an error has caused the rollout.”

Eventually, Microsoft’s Windows Insider chief, Dona Sarkar, replied back, says the company is “looking into” it

The Verge has reached out to chief Sarkar for further comment on the issue.

Nonetheless, good a thing it’s a 32-bit device software that is not widely used nowadays.