Elon Musk’s Children Won’t Automatically Inherit Shares Of His Company; Advises Other Billionaires

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, is strongly against the concept of passing down wealth to children lacking merit. He believes that merit should be the primary focus when handing over leadership to individuals within the organization...

“We Don’t Question It. Are We Just Going To Blindly Believe The AI?”

Wired tries to compare generative AI to social media in terms of its popularity and high penetration in the world; a situation where social media has become an integral component in our society. Today, social media fits perfectly into...
Graphic Design Books

7 Essential Graphic Design Books Every Creative Must Own

Graphic design is a dynamic field that requires continuous learning and exploration. Having essential graphic design books from reputable book writing companies is a valuable asset. These books provide insights, inspiration, and practical guidance to refine skills, expand knowledge,...

Why Playing Digital Games Can Help One Learn Better

Video games are always criticized for their potential negative effects, but researchers and developers say they have positive effects on health, learning, and social well-being. There is talk of using video games for a variety of positive activities, such...

5 Incredibly Powerful Things You Never Knew Your Phone Could Do

The smart Phone has proven to be one of the most powerful device of our time. Manufacturers and programmers are building more capabilities into it every day. Isn’t it amazing that with all its capabilities we still carry it...

The World’s First Smart Glasses For You

Most of the smart glasses released look like VR glasses, very big, but Vue looks exactly like our day to day stylish glasses. Vue is the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use, the...


DOCOTAL: Your Free Online Medical Consultations.

The cliché "health is wealth" still remains of paramount value in the minds of these great medical practitioners who have come together from all...