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OUR PASSION                                                   

As we went about our lives striving to do things better, to improve our lives and our society, we observed that majority of the people in Africa and third world countries don’t have the technology- thinking or a technology-driven way of life (culture). Even among the wealthy individuals, applying the mind to systematically and technically solve challenges is absent, and where the tools are available to ease labor and increase productivity, it is neglected and seen as items that create laziness for the whites. The African society prides itself on hard manual labor and a difficult perspective on life.

For the love we have for our people, we set out to bring technologies and technology thinking to form part of our culture. We will educate, inform, and guide our people until technology thinking is formed in our culture. We will bring products and services that can transfer our lives and the lives of over 1(one) billion Africans. This is our passion: to transform the lives of Africans and other third-world countries through technology information.

As we actualize our vision, the mental capacity of Africans would be utilized and developed, our environment would become cleaner, our productivity would be increased a lot and industries would be born. It would be born not out of the necessity to fight hunger but as part of our culture.

Join us as we bring to our society technology innovations, products, and services; products that take away hard human labor and multiply productivity, products that create a healthy and happier home, advancements in communications, enhancement of business etc.

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