Earn Money As A Home Owner Off Renting Your Backyard Space


How about earning a passive income by renting out a studio apartment in your backyard? It’s called passive income because a private company known as rent the backyard will bear the responsibilities of constructing and maintainance of the studio apartment in your backyard while you earn as much as $1,740 as monthly earning potential.

Do you own a house and live in San Francisco, and you have a free space in your backyard? Perhaps, the fallow space is due to financial constraints or something, and you are in dying need of a neighbor to rid off boredom. Or you might just wish to make an extra cash and you don’t know how. Your worries will be less after reading this article.

Rent the backyard Is a company that leverages backyard space to erect a rentable structure. They handle securement of permit from your local government to raise cozy apartment for temporary residency–a period of one to two weeks at most is used to set up the place. You don’t need to invest your own money to start.

Are you skeptical of living with a total stranger? Rent the backyard says they are careful to find a high-quality tenant or short term guests through their professional online listings. And yes, you are free to choose your own tenant – friend, family members or anyone else you like and to offer them a discount up to 50% of the fair market rent — keep in mind, this discount will come from your share of the rent.

Then at the end of each month, you get a cheque or bank transfer for half your building’s profit. Interesting, isn’t it?


–You have to live in your home most of the year.

–Supply part of your backyard home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

–Your backyard is at least 30 feet by 30 feet in size.

Your backyard studio apartment is built and furnished with everything your guests need to live independently.

It is built entirely off-site so it doesn’t encroach in your privacy.

It is with incredibly beautiful aesthetics and sustained.

However, after a 30 year period, you gain equity in the building– similar to mortgage; Meaning the backyard studio apartment becomes entirely yours.

But paradventure you sell your building before the completion of 30 years, you’ll need to pay for the equity that you haven’t unlocked.

I feel it’s an incredibly attractive deal. Already thinking about relocating to San Francisco. What about you?