Smart City: Are Nigerian Smart City Concepts Really “Smart”


There has been so much talk about Smart City, both in developed countries and in third world countries. Governments in Africa have pitched it to its citizens to get support for their visions and projects.

We’ve heard about Smart devices, Smart Tv’s, etc. An appliance acquires the name “Smart” when it can be controlled using Smart phones through blue tooth, wifi or NFC. And it can update through the internet. These devices are embedded with electronics that help them do their jobs Smarter while receiving control signals from the owners’ Smart phones or the internet. In other words these devices take decisions based on feedbacks from the owners’ Smart phones, internet and real time conditions on what they are doing.


A Smart City is a network of infrastructures, Agencies and Parastatals connected and integrated as a whole, running on the platform of ICT for the benefit of the residents of that City or State.

This involves but not limited to:

  1. Using an ICT network system to control traffic and traffic lights
  2. Using an ICT network system to implement health care
  3. Using an ICT network system to control electricity supply
  4. Using an ICT network system to control water supply in the city
  5. Using an ICT network system to control and monitor CCTV in the city
  6. Having a data base of residents of the city
  7. Running Agencies and Parastatals on ICT platforms
  8. Integrating 1-7 above
  9. Proper decision-making frame work for the whole system

It is not the existence of each unit that makes it Smart City. It is the integral synergy of this units for Smart delivery that makes it Smart City. And it can only be done on ICT infrastructures and platforms.

A Smart City development follows a strategic technology plan that must carry its residents along. There must be a complete technology impact assessment and a good technology adaptation strategy. Without these two aspects it would seem the idea arrived too early, whereas it is late. Why because the residents are not on-boarded properly.

The  expertise for Smart City design and development is available here in Nigeria, we are available. We will gradually release Smart City blue prints and milestones to Governments using this medium.