Netflix to Give Viewers Option to Choose Their Own Story Lines in “Black Mirror” TV Episodes.


    Netflix is about to spice up viewers experience with interactive TV shows that will give the viewers option to choose their own story lines in a TV episode or movie.

    Netflix to debut interactive TV shows starting with the upcoming season of Black Mirror, the Emmy-winning Science – Fiction anthology series. According to a source who asked not to be revealed because the plans are still private.

    Netflix’s decision to debut Black Mirror on its interactive TV, apart from the fact that the show is famous for exploring the social implications of technology, it also includes an interactive episode where humans compete to get high ratings from their contemporaries.

    As Netflix expands around the world, it tries to give a new perspective to the way shows and movies are conceived and produced. And the Black Mirror is the first of several experiments with live-action interactive programming and first interactive show designed for adult viewers, while other experiments were on the popular video game Minecraft.

    Black Mirror was created in 2011 by former journalist Charlie Brooker for the British TV network Channel 4. Oversaw four seasons alongside Annabel Jones until Netflix got on board in 2015 acquiring the rights to past episodes and the rights to release future seasons.

    However, Netflix investments in Interactive TV is not the first as one of its fiercest rivals, HBO, released its interactive shows earlier this year.

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    Nevertheless, Interactive TV producers are optimistic that Netflix’s involvement is a sign that their time in the spotlight is approaching. Simply put, “The time is right for Interactive TV to become a mainstream experience.” said Jim Spare, the Chief Operating Officer of Eko, a company that produces Interactive shows- Reported by Lucas Shaw, (c) 2018 Bloomberg LP