An Apple’s Smart Ring Could be Launched Soon


If you’ve been waiting for an Apple or Samsung ring to compete with the biggest smart ring company in the world, wait no more because according to a new report, Apple is finally ready to launch one.

Also, Samsung has officially confirmed plans to launch its own smart ring this year.

What’s with the smart rings;

Previously, whenever you hear of a fitness tracker or device, what comes to mind is smartwatch. But today , that narrative is fast becoming obsolete as big companies like aura ring , Ringconn, Ultra human, Amovan, etc have introduced a more innovative approach with the smart ring technology.

The fitness ecosystem is quite a huge one and these large tech companies, Apple and Samsung are looking to expand the capabilities of the fitness tracker industry with the introduction of features that facilitate contactless payments.

Although there are brands like Quontic and McLear that are hawking smart rings that facilitate contactless payments, Apple and Samsung have mingled with NFC technology in smartphones to perform the same functions as the contactless payments of fitness trackers and this gives them a more edge in the market.

Apple has been preparing strong for the smart ring market as it has since patented a ring with a touchscreen interface  in 2015, according to Bloomberg.

What Apple’s smart ring would look like:

  • The concept shows a ring made of metal and includes countless health-rated sensors, including an accelerometer.
  • An integrated OLED that’s invisible when not in use.
  • Users can use the capacitive buttons on the ring to check the weather and monitor their heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and more.

The ring industry is predictably more mobile and beneficial since rings are smaller and don’t need a strap like smart watches. Don’t forget that Apple fitness Watches are also great devices.

Do you think Apple will release a product that competes with Apple’s watch sales?