TempTraq: The Device That Helps You Monitor Your Baby’s Health Remotely.


How can you tell when your baby is running temperature when he/she can’t speak? How do you or your doctor also monitor your baby’s temperature from any part of the world? Very simple, a TempTraq wireless monitor has the answer.

A TempTraq monitor is a wearable wireless monitor in a form of a soft comfortable patch that basically monitors and records your baby’s temperature for 24hrs and sends the information through Bluetooth to its free downloadable app on your apple or android phone providing quick access to real-time body temperature data.

The value TempTraq offers is priceless, as it’s the only intelligent, wireless way to continuously monitor and track a sick child’s temperature. Unlike other thermometers, TempTraq and the app display both real time and historical temperature data, this allows parents to see fluctuations and quickly adapt treatment, as temperature is a key indicator of health.

Its results are highly accurate as the TempTraq patch measures temperatures between 87.0 and 109.3°F. It has been tested to the ASTM E1112-00 standard, which is required for all clinical digital thermometers. The app displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and can be easily changed in the app settings.

A TempTraq is not reusable. It is a single use product that is disposable with normal household waste. The product has a two year shelf life from the time of production.

Just so you know.TempTraq has donated their body temperature monitors to pediatric cancer unit in Uganda, claims it brings peace of mind to parents and nurses by monitoring fevers before they turn deadly when faced with a nursing shortage in the pediatric cancer unit.

How this works
The TempTraq is strapped underneath a baby’s ampit and the temperature monitored with the phone, effectively receiving updates every 10 seconds for the next 24 hours so that when you go to work , market etc. your baby’s temperature can be put under check.


baby strapped with temptraq at the armpit area

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