KeySmart Locates Your Lost KeyChains and Phones For You.


    How did you feel when you lost a precious phone given to you by someone special? Or maybe, how did you feel when you couldn’t attend a loved one’s birthday, anniversary party or an emergency call because you couldn’t find your car key? Trust me most of us have been there at some point and it’s not a pleasant site, to say the least.

    But that has got to end now with the KeySmart. You might be wondering what a KeySmart is all about, no worries because we’ve got you on a trip.

    The KeySmart is a handy tool that reduces unhandy keychains to slim, pocket- friendly carriers. It is used to locate stray keychains and phones.

    How it works

    The KeySmart part called the Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that pairs with your phone. It’s a small, battery-powered device that beeps when you ring it from a phone or it can ring your phone when you press the button on the front. So if you can’t find your keys, use the Tile app to locate the KeySmart. And if you can’t find your phone, double-press the Tile key on the KeySmart and your phone will beep, even if it’s in silent mode.


    We have the KeySmart and KeySmart pro. The KeySmart uses a non-removable, non-rechargeable battery- meaning that after about a year, it has to be replaced. But the KeySmart pro is rechargeable and its battery is good for up to three months before recharging, according to the company.

    It is available at an affordable price of $40 (#12,000 to #14,000)