The Future Is Technologically Plant-grown Meat


The US based company beyond meat is very optimistic about a beefless future with the successes already recorded by the company.

The company is known for “Planting The Future of Protein with 100% plant-based products that take the animal out of the equation – without sacrificing taste or satisfaction”.

Beyond meat says there’s a high demand for plant based beef burgers over meat based beef burgers which has led to a 215% increase in the company’s net revenue according to its quarterly earnings. And the company expects to double its sales in 2019 compared with last year. 

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Beyond Meat had earlier claimed that its products make the following contributions to the environment:

99% less water than an animal

93% less land than an animal

90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions

46% less energy consumption

Beyond meat’s Burger is available at supermarkets across the US and Amazon. It’s also available for order at Carl’s Jr, TGI Fridays and Del Taco. Starting in June, smart-oven maker Tovalabegan offering Beyond Meat as part of its meal kits.