Apple’s New Augmented Reality Headset, Vision Pro, Relies Solely On Your Eye, Hand and Voice


Apple explains its New Augmented Reality Headset called Vision Pro at the WWDC 2023 event . Here’s what it has to say:

“For the first time we’ve designed a fully 3 Dimensional interface – one magically controlled with just your eyes, hands and voice. When you first put on Vision Pro, you see your space and everything in it. The home view lives right in front of you. It’s where you find all of your apps. It’s familiar yet revolutionary. The entire interface looks and feels truly present in your room. Every element has been crafted to have a sense of physicality.

They have dimension, respond dynamically to light and even cast shadows to help you understand scale and distance. Experiences in vision pro aren’t constrained to the boundaries of a display. They can freely fit the space around you. It’s easy to make apps any scale even larger than life and you can place apps exactly where you want them, anywhere in your space. It feels natural like moving real objects. And launching new apps doesn’t take space from existing ones. They simply occupy a new space centered around you.

There’s something truly extraordinary about seeing your favorite apps and experiences right there in the room with you. And apps can expand fully into your space like during a Mindfulness session where you can create a private moment of calm. And with vision Pro, apps and experiences can do something else remarkable; they can grow beyond the dimensions of your physical room with environments.

Environments extends and transforms your space enabling otherwise impossible experiences they’ve been captured fully volumetrically so you can control how immersed you are by simply turning Digital Crown. Whether extending a small portion of your room or being fully immersed within an environment, you can use this beautiful landscapes to focus, reduce clutter in busy spaces or as an inspiring new view.

Every major Apple platform was driven by an innovative new input model. Mac with the mouse, iPod with a click wheel, and iPhone with multi-touch. With Vision Pro, we set the ambitious goal to design an incredibly intuitive input model for spatial computing. One that will be used without controllers or additional hardware.

Apple Vision Pro relies solely on your eyes, hands, and voice. It’s remarkable and it feels like magic. You browse the system simply by looking. It’s effortless! App icons subtly come to life when you look at them. In fact every graphical element has a sense of vitality and responds to your eyes. Simply tap your fingers together to select and gently flick to scroll.

The combination of hands and eyes together truly feels like magic. As if your mind is guiding the experience. And we designed every gesture to be as subtle and natural as possible. So you can keep your hands where they’re most comfortable like resting in your lap, or on the sofa and the entire experience is made with voice. With Vision Pro, you can look at a search field and just start dictating. Voice input has never been this seamless and with Siri, you can quickly open or close apps , play media and more”