Yubikey Protects Your Online Accounts From Hackers 100 Percent(%)


How would you feel when someone invades your privacy, especially for malicious reasons? Nobody wants to have such experience. Neither do I.

A couple weeks ago, Precious, a friend of mine had this terrible experience. His online wallet got hacked, incidentally on his birthday, and his money wiped off by hackers. After which he investigated and realized that his password manager account was compromised.

Not too long after the incident, I stumbled upon “YubiKey”, Yeeppi! The game changer, and I promised to share the news with Precious. And of course with you.

YubiKey is a great physical device for protecting personal and business accounts against remote hackers. It offers strong authentication that eliminates account takeovers, with a two factor authentication model.

With numerous online platforms and services: social media accounts, online banking accounts, employee accounts, and more, the internet has become more vulnerable making Yubikey the only solution.

How it works

YubiKey is a 2 Factor Authentication model that works with your username and password to securely prove your identity online:

First, enter your username and password.

Plug the YubiKey into a USB port on your computer or mobile phone.

Finally, tap the gold contact on the YubiKey device, and the key generates a unique code automatically.

There’s no requirement for drivers or specialized software to perform the action.

In case you are skeptical about what happens when you lose your key? Never mind because YubiKey has got you covered. You could use Google Authenticator or Yubico Authenticator app for backup.

YubiKey is trusted by world’s leading enterprises such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Dropbox, GitHub, password manager, etc and millions of people in 160 countries.

You can buy YubiKey here