Does This Mean We’ll Get A Pink iPhone Or Orange iPhone 15 This Year?


Based on several leaks and speculations about the iPhone 15 and its accessories, the iPhone 15 charging cables is said to come in multiple colors like black, yellow, blue, white/ silver and perhaps a different kind of color altogether the PINK or ORANGE color.


This has had some people wondering if that suggests that there will be a PINK or ORANGE iPhone this year from Apple.

Truth is color is a thing when it comes to choosing a brand or something, and iPhone users are craving to see new colors added to their fleets of phones. “We could be possibly seeing new colours on the iphone 15 it be nice to see a new color”, an iPhone user tweeted.

While others have more fancy on the phone’s features than their colors. “Why nobody is interested in actual phone…feature.. something new instead of discussing about colour….” another tweeted.

So, what is your preference; color, feature or both?