Buying A New iPhone 14 Pro Series in August is A Complete Waste of Money When The New Ones Are Coming in A Month


Buying a new iPhone 14 Pro Series in August might appear enticing, but considering the imminent release of the next generation, it could be seen as a premature expense. Apple’s strategy of releasing new iPhone models annually has become a pattern that many consumers have grown accustomed to.

According to a verified account user on twitter, “Shreyash W I Tech-Driven…

Over 16 years of iPhone launches in September and some people still can not figure out the pattern.”

However, the decision to invest in a new device, especially when the announcement of the succeeding version is just around the corner, warrants careful consideration.

The iPhone 14 Pro Series is undoubtedly equipped with advanced features and cutting-edge technology that make it a tempting choice for tech enthusiasts. With improved camera capabilities, enhanced processing power, and potential software upgrades, it promises to elevate the user experience. Nevertheless, the allure of these features should be weighed against the knowledge that the next iteration is on the horizon.

Another verified twitter user had also tweeted this;

Reed-Pinball is fun:

“Considering that the new versions of phones and watches are not materially different than the older ones, it almost does not matter unless one is worried about resale value.

I bought an 12.9″ ipad pro previous model because the differences were so slight that it did not matter.”

Historically, Apple launches its new iPhones in September. This timing aligns with the company’s annual product release cycle and is eagerly anticipated by consumers. The incremental improvements and design refinements that accompany each new iPhone iteration are part of the brand’s marketing strategy to maintain consumer interest and loyalty. Consequently, purchasing the current model in August could lead to a sense of buyer’s remorse, budget and not a free phone as the newer version quickly supersedes it.

Financial considerations are also pertinent when contemplating such a purchase. The retail price of iPhones, especially the Pro Series, is substantial. For many consumers, investing in the latest model signifies a substantial financial commitment. Opting for the current version just before the release of the newer model could lead to a sense of regret as the “latest and greatest” label shifts to the impending model.

Renowned tech reviewer, Marques Brownlee has this to say to those having financial considerations;

Marques Brownlee ® @MKBH…

“Tell them to return it and then buy it again at a discount in a month hah”

It’s essential to reflect on one’s needs and priorities before deciding whether to purchase the iPhone 14 Pro Series in August. Are the current features and capabilities sufficient for your daily use, or can you wait for the next release to access potentially improved technology? If the latter is the case, holding off on the purchase might be the more prudent choice.

According to this user, Beezy :

“My phone was broken & I couldn’t afford to wait another 2 months at the time. Got my 14 max pro mid July. If anything I can wait till the 16. Difference between phones seem so incremental it’s like no big deal when new models drop.”

Another tweeter said , patience was the challenge,


“yes, but some people do not have the patience to wait one more month.”

In conclusion, while the iPhone 14 Pro Series boasts impressive features, prospective buyers should consider the timing of their purchase carefully. With the anticipation of new iPhone models arriving in September, buying the current model in August could result in a short-lived feeling of satisfaction. Weighing the benefits of having the latest technology against the impending release of a newer version is crucial to making an informed decision and avoiding potential buyer’s remorse.


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