Tesla Owner Survives Deadly Car Crash, Thanks Elon.


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla has received so much accolades lately on behalf of Tesla and his team.

A couple of days ago, Kanye West took to twitter praising Elon and expressing his love for his Tesla. And just few hours after, a man known by his first name Kaelan gave Elon Musk and his team some accolades, thanking them for making safety one of their top priorities.

Kaelan narrated his ordeal about a serious accident he was involved in last Friday, with his Tesla Model S and how he survived unharmed. He said ” The car slammed straight into a guardrail and proceeded to flip over itself a few times before landing on the roof, and then tumbling down into a ditch onto all four wheels. Miraculously I just walked out of there, relatively unscathed…”